Don't Leave a Single Person off Your Guest List

Book a large, open local event venue in Hannibal, MO

The Rialto

Learn about the incredible history of the Rialto Banquet Hall.

The Rialto

The Space

Rent our indoor areas with room to seat up to a combined 400 guests.

The Space

The Courtyard

Enjoy a breath of fresh air by taking your event to our beautiful courtyard.

The Courtyard

Special Events

Reserve a private event space for any kind of party or gathering.

Special Events

Got a Party Coming Up?

Choose an elegant and private event space in Hannibal, MO

Planning a special event involving hundreds of people doesn't leave you with a lot of options. But you can still host your event indoors by booking the Rialto Banquet Hall. Our party and wedding banquet hall has combined seating for up to 300 guests, giving you enough room for the biggest wedding or corporate dinner. You'll also appreciate that our local event venue in Hannibal, MO has...


An open floor plan that's easy to customize into the venue space you need


Two main areas that can be used separately for smaller events


A courtyard for outdoor events like wedding ceremonies or family reunions

Our special event venue can be used seven days a week for any kind of event, including formal dinners, holiday parties or school proms. Reserve a beautiful private event space for your large event by calling us today.

Don't settle for an ordinary venue

You can take your event to the next level by renting the Rialto Banquet Hall. Our local event venue was built in 1937, giving it nearly a century of local history. Your guests will love being in the center of Hannibal's incredible culture, and your event will be that much more special and elegant. After a 2017 renovation, our venue is still historic, modern and beautiful - perfect for any type of casual or formal event.

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